Creating Goals with Suzi

Suzi's Perceptions:

"There is no I in me"
"Nothing is mine"
"Every moment leaves a mark"
"Now is purpose"
"Action causes reality"
"If I can't do that...I will do this..."
"Life is movement"
"I'm here...thank you!"
"What do you really want to do and What are you really doing about it?"
"Enjoy this very second, as it is, gone already!"
"Life is temporary" "Everything is temporary"
"You get back what you give"

by Suzi Prsa and all others

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Mission Statement

smile with love

Creating Goals Mandala

Creating Goals Mandala
by Margie's Mandalas

Creating Goals with Suzi

Creating Goals with Suzi is a gentle process, where I take you through a model and rate each area in your life. We then create what you would like your life to look like and I help you create steps to get there.

Its fun and easy!

If you would like to improve any of the following, life coaching can definitely help you:

~ Creating your passions...
~ Knowing what you really want in life...
~ Being aware of your limiting beliefs...
~ Living in the NOW...
~ Finding your life purpose...
~ Be free and true to yourself...
~ Learn to live fearlessly and have fun!

To book a Life Coaching session with Suzi, please contact me via email:

1st session free
30 min session: $25.00
60 min session: $50.00

10% discount on signing up of a 12 Session Program.

Sessions can be tailored to suit ~ adhoc, weekly, fortnightly or monthly; in person, over the phone or skype.

Session times: Monday ~ Tuesday 9am to 4pm.
After hours and weekend times available.

Have fun always!
Suzi xx

Creating Goals Model

Creating Goals Model
(c) Copyright 2003

Great Books

Doing It With Love, Mary Marko
Soul Psychology, Joshua David Stone
Happiness Trap, Dr Russ Harris
Energy Balancing, Diane Stein
Body is your Barometer, Annette Noonil
Power of Now, A new Earth, Eckhart Tolle
Seven Spirtual Laws of Success, Depak Chopra
The Road Less Travelled, Scott Peck
The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield
Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsh
Heaven Sent, Belinda Hoffer
Course of Miracles
Intuition, knowing beyond logic, Osho
Art of Happiness, Dalai Lama
Reincarnation, Who are you. Chris Butler
Everyday Grace, Relationships, Marianne Williamson
Sacred Contracts, Anatomy Caroline Myss
Self Matters, Dr Phil McGraw
You can heal your life, Louise Hay
Crossing Over, John Edwards
Soul Stories, Gary Zukav
Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Coleman
Messages from your Angels, Doreen Virtue
Creative Visualisations, Shakti Gawain
Memories, dreams, reflections, Carl Jung
Chakras, Chakra Healing
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, John Gray
Gremlins of the mind: PSH therapy for subconscious change, Lindsay Duncan
Universal compassion: transforming your life through love and compassion, Kelsang Gyatso
Tuesdays with Morrie, The five people you meet in heaven, Mitch Albom
The Zen of living and dying, Kapleau, Philip,
Re-member: Human Evolution, Steve Rother
365 steps to self confidence, David Lawrence Preston